Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wasabi vs Mayonaise + Zapf Dingbats vs Times New Roman

This weekend I started to look for an internship for summer 2009. I am looking for something in Graphic Design. I had a very specific vision about working for a trendy arts and cultural commentary magazine. I redirected the nature of my search after realizing that I accidently applied to a sex toy and fetish gallery/blog/magazine (the form of media is ambiguous, I just know that the content involved consists of penises with angel wings)

I was so worried about finding something "cool" I couldn't even see what I was doing and I ended up telling someone who makes dildos that I am "eager to be of assistance" to them.

I am exhausted with chasing after coolness.  As of now, I am searching for a commercial, mainstream design firm. I don't even care if I end up working for the people who decide on the typography for Air Conditioner Catalogs. They could probably teach me a lot more about creating a dynamic layout for a spread than the people at Vice Magazine.

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