Friday, February 13, 2009

High School Shinnanigans

I will introduce this blog to the world with a high school moment  I dug up from my old myspace account. It was written in September of 2006 about something which seemed very important to me at the time, but I think it establishes the tone for future blog post to come. I changed a few bits: 

Today I was admiring the chapped lip beauty of Adam Papilsky from afar and he catches my gaze and says; "Dana why do you always look at me? are you crazy?"

Adam's minion Nikola Djejordovic darts his squinty eyes in my direction in preparation for a bitter retort; "She's not crazy yo, she just forgot to smoke her annual crack pipe last night"

"annual means yearly, you are trying to say that I smoke every night" s
ays I.

I really hate drug humor, and the fact that I corrected his word choice before even addressing the fact that I am a drug free lady is ridiculous. But the point of the story is: if you are going to insult someone, you should at least understand the meanings of all the words in your insult before you let in make its debut.

much love, dana

before I say good bye I would like to share a picture with you that I found in the personals section on Craigslist. I hope this boy found what he was looking for.

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